Hi, I’m Luke. I’m an entrepreneur, author (Wanting), professor of business, and creator of the The Anti-Mimetic Newsletter, where I write long-form essays for people who care about leaving behind thin desires and cultivating thick ones.

RIDE OR DRIVE is very different. This is a behind-the-scenes, running list of notes that I’m taking during the creative process: writing books, launching new ventures, and creating other things.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the fundamental question of how one can be a true creator—and not lose themselves, or their humanity—in our algorithmic world. The name “Ride or Drive” refers to the idea that sometimes we need to “ride” something (like a trend, or a process, or get the bus that someone else is driving while they get us somewhere). And other times we must drive.

Knowing the difference is not easy.

Here you’re not going to find traditional essays, just a running series of “notes.” Think of them as the scratch paper that I keep as I’m thinking through new ideas or projects and the broader culture that we’re swimming in.

There is no set schedule, and it is intentionally not going to follow any discipline or format: I’m going to play hard with this. I may share screenshots of my iPhone Notes one week, a picture of scratch paper the next, and riff on something I read somewhere that is affecting my creative process in another.

This project was launched partly out of desperation about all of the “X Bullet Point Friday”-style emails that people put out. I made the mistake of trying to do that and realized how miserable it made me, and how limiting it was. This is where I have fun.

Many notes will be free; some will not be. (I’ll probably reserve some of my more vulnerable posts to paying subscribers because they’ve demonstrated a level of care for me!). Paying subscribers will also have access to the full archives. All posts, with few exceptions, will go behind a paywall 5 days after publishing.

Thanks for being here.

“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” —Emerson

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